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Treasure the Present


“天無絕人之路”, or “There is no dead end of your life,” is what I see quite clearly recently, also based on the lives of people around me, my family, my friends. Sometimes, when something seems like the worst thing is going to happen, it does not mean we should lost our hope. The point is to stay positive and hopeful. Although this might be painful for those who likes plans and follow them straightly, flow along the wave is not such a bad idea. In fact, what it leads you might be a surprise or a big turning point of your life. Who knows?

After over 10 years, for some reason, my dad always feels some sort of guilt toward me and my sister. He blames himself of the result of their (my biological parents) broken marriage. At the age of three to five, neither him nor my mother was there around me. My grandma was the one took care of me. I was even one step away from the government orphan care system once. That was probably why he was always blaming himself. But the fact was that, I had never been feeling that I am the spotlight of tragedy. To be honest, there are millions of people who does not have food, water, shelter. I am nothing compare to them. Though, I can still understand why he thinks that as a parent.

Few years later, he came back and took the custody of me and my sister. Ten years after that, I moved to US and began my new journey. And look what I become now, a well-grown and healthy young man. It turns out great. I have a place to live, a family always support me, a job, a dog, a computer, a bed, clothes. When I am counting the stuff I have, I am feeling  grateful and treasure them. Well, the only thing I have to work hard is to get a girlfriend. Still, it is not quite important to me yet. What else to ask for? a lambo? a Tony Stark’s high tech house? It is cool to have it. But it is not something I wanted to most. Though, I am not sure what I wanted the most now. Two months ago, I was trying to get a new job, mostly because of the pay. There was a company I wanted to get in. I got a few interview for the same company but different location. Unfortunately, I failed them all. I was either unprepared enough or too nervous. I was quite bumped up. Then now, I have a chance to move up in the company I am working for. It is not too bad after all. I don’t have to get a new job. This path maybe better for me. I am pretty satisfied on what I have now. What I need is to keep working hard, be positive, and see where life leads me.


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