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My wallet got itchy again….

In general, I do not use a lot of money except for monthly household expenses such as utility, rent, phone bills, insurances, auto bill. Therefore, in terms of saving money, I am pretty good at it. Though, once in a while, my wallet will get itchy, cannot wait to open its mouth to temptations. Yesterday was the day.


A New Nintendo 3DS XL.

I love it so far. First of all, the screen size is just about right. I had a NDS when it was first released. Its screen was too small. Though, I did not think about this when I had it, mostly because it was the size of what a general handheld gaming device should be. As now a day, the screen of smart phone is getting bigger and bigger. I even have a tablet personally. My eyes simply do not feel comfortable when watching on a small screen. The control is responsive. The c-stick, circle pad, and D-pad are doing perfectly fine.Another feature I like a lot is the 3D function. There is no longer needed a stupid plastic glasses to watch 3D. It is super inconvenience for people like me wearing prescription glasses. Though, it does take some time to get used to it. 

Currently, I have two games, Monster Hunter and Pokemon Omega Ruby (guess what! Pokemon is the biggest motivation of this purchase.) The last pokemon handheld game I played was about 10 years ago. It was Pokemon Emerald. The story, path, and monster of both version are very similar. It (Omega Ruby) would be the best version for returning player like me. I am so excited right now. Another Pokemon game in 3DS will be released at November. I gotta catch up and collect as many as possible before it releases. I HAVE 3 MONTHS.

Oh. by the way, I am making a skin for my 3DS, designing the kind I like on Decal Girl.com. Well, designing might be overstated. I am just trying to put the pieces (pictures) together to have the best result. Anyway, I will share it when I finished.


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