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My 3DS skin

From the last post, I mentioned I got a new 3DS XL, as well as planned to get a skin for it. The method is actually much cheaper than the special edition 3DS. I assume the reason why people buy those special edition is because of collection purpose. Since I am not a collector of Nintendo, I do not really care about much. I get what I need and that is it. The regular edition is enough for me. If I want it looks good on the outside, I could have just put a skin on it, which is exactly what i do.

At first, I struggled a lot on what theme I should use for the skin. I thought about Pikachu, Zelda, Naruto, and many other my favorite characters. They were all the good ones. However, I did not want my skin being so cute. I wanted something tough and cool. Following these criteria, the one below was what I came up with.

The theme of this skin is Chinese paladin. I used a character, Jin Lie (荊裂), from a Hong Kong comic, Blood and Steel (武道狂之詩), that I liked very much as the back top and back bottom cover. I used the same picture for the back top and back bottom cover. It was simply because I did know what I should use for the other side. It would look awkward and stupid if I used something that doesn’t match for the both side. Therefore, I would just go ahead and use the same picture for the both side. Meanwhile, since I did not want to copy the picture and put it on my 3DS right away, I added some symbol on it. These symbol were the tattoos on the character.

I love the final product very much. Its material feels like some kind of cloth and plastic, like ductape. The color is exactly what I expected. When I check out, it gives me two option of the finish, matte and high gloss. I am glad I did not get the high gloss. The matte is good enough for me.


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