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Look Back of the Months

It was May 28th, 2016, the day I started this blog. At that day, I really wanted to have a blog that I could write down little things in my life. More importantly, I wished I could have this blog last as long as it could. At the first month, the June, I was doing pretty good job, I tried to keep upload something everything. It was a good month, lots of exciting things happened, allowing me to have topics to write on. At July, I was still hanging there. Yet, the passion started to die out. I only uploaded a post every two days instead of every day. The main reason could be the responsibility. I began to think of it as an assignment instead of something I want to do. Although the purpose I started this blog at the first place could also be considered as assignment, the impulse of writing played a bigger part. A months passed away, so does another month. The flame was shaking, holding its last breath of its existence.

As everyone may know, it is not as fun as it is when something becomes an assignment. The willingness of keep blogging is so fragile. It finally breaks when I get my new toy, the 3DS. Though, I am not surprised of this outcome. I have histories of having things half done. This blog is actually the longest I have been keep doing. Two months. This is a milestone. I still want to keep this going, as an interest. In fact, I really want to thank my cousin, Shery. What she said makes me write this post, and willing to keep doing this. She surprised when I told her about this blog. When I told her, “Yeah, I am doing this. Though, it is not something big. I only write 200-300 words on every post,” she replied, “This is good enough. What important is the persistence. As long as you keep writing, then everything is worthy.” This is the simplest logic in the world, yet the hardest to accomplish as well.   This comment clears the dark cloud. It does not only remind me that I am not alone, such as her and my never-met followers and readers, as well as the fact that little steps make big steps.


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