Korean Drama

Gentlemen theives


After two months of following, the series has finally finished. I gotta say it is torturing when there is a good TV series but only release two or even one episode a week. This Korean drama calls the Squad 38, or 38 Revenue Collection Unit. I am not sure which is the real English translation, but I would prefer Squad 38 simply just because it sounds better.

The story is about a official in Korean IRS who couldn’t stand with a situation where rich people always get privilege of not paying the tax. After he was conned by a con man, he partnered with him and stole money from the rich people as a way to force them paying tax. In the story line, their target became bigger and bigger. And eventually, they nailed down the biggest hot shot of the city.

It is interesting to watch such a story. The most ironic part is that he, as a government official, was doing out law things to bring justice to people who owe taxes. Taxes should be the responsibility as a citizen. Yet, it is not everyone as truthful or honest as anyone else. There are people owe taxes in every city. Though, what this Squad 38 focuses on is the hot shots under the corrupted table. In the breaks of real life, it is intriguing to see something that we would not ever done in real life. However, I am not advocating or agree with this method of tax collection. After all, it is a dirty job. It should not be gloried whether if it has done for a good reason.


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