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The Heat is Fading

Remember I was so crazy about Pokemon Go when it was first came out. I still like the game, just not as much as I was. For the first few weeks after launched, I went out the door every day. It was good to have a chance to move around, to breath some fresh air. Yet, somehow, I was tired of it. I just did not feel the mood. Not to mention some of my other friends stopped playing it as well. When I went for Pokemon hunting, I was tired every time, not after I went, but before I went. The only thing that drove me was the goal of “catch them all.” I would not say I caught them all already since it was quite impossible when there were no any record of the legendary Pokemons had been found. As I was getting closer to the achievement, my energy did not allow me to do it no more. Plus, I got my 3DS and a Pokemon game. Why wouldn’t I just go ahead and catch them all in the game? Wouldn’t it be easier? No sweat, no smell, chill. There it is. I stopped, within a month. To be honest, I expected I could hold it longer than that, at least two months. Obviously, I overestimated myself.


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