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School is Starting Soon!!

COUNT DOWN — Six days away from school! Time flies. It has been two months pass away and the summer will be over soon. So excited! I enjoy being a student very much. I want to be a student forever if possible, especially as a college student. Being a college student provides a opportunity to meet people with mutual interest, as well as the choice of taking classes that suit my own interest, which is something high school or any lower education would ever offered. The varieties of courses are simply gigantic.

In this following semester, I  am going to take two major required classes in psychology and one general elective. They are the introduction to Industrial organizational psychology, persuasion an behavior, and wine appreciation. That’s right. There is a wine appreciation class in campus. I couldn’t believe it at first as well, but I would still take it since it existed on the catalog. If I have to rate the class I am interested the most of this semester, I will put them into the following order, I/O psych or wine appreciation, then persuasion and behavior. The rating is still scratchy since I like them all. Otherwise I would not enroll them in the first place.

However, wine appreciation may be the first placed class, although I am psychology majored. It is not because I do not like psychology no more. I simply want something new for a semester to ease up the boredom that brings by numerous psych classes from the past two years. To be honest, wine is something I am very unfamiliar with. I hardly drink any alcohol in a year, perhaps only two times a year tops. And the only memory of wine I have is a glass of white wine I drunk when I was ten, which is twelve years ago. Therefore, I have to admit I have some fantasy of wine and the class when I enrolled it. I am very interested to know what the class going to teach.


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