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Defeat Food Insecurity, Share the Love

Today, when I was browsing my Facebook news feed, I saw something very heart-warming. It was a video shared by NowThis News, a video about a women set up free pantry for the community. Unfortunately, I am not able to share Facebook video URL to the public since they do not allow “outsider” to view others photo album and video. Though, I manged to find another video with the same content, The Little Free Pantry Helps Those in Need.


This is what it is. It looks like a mailbox, only bigger. The idea is to have free access of the pantry for people in need of food. People are welcomed to put or take anything from it. This is a big move. Although we always have some kind of food bank around our living area, we do not actually know where it goes. Actually, we do not know where it goes even if we have this little pantry here. Possibly, people will abuse it. It could be some kids off the street who just want a little snack. However, it is not the excuse of not doing this. Sure it could be abused. Yet, the chance is that it is actually helping somebody. We know it because it is closer to the our own neighborhood. And if that happens, it could save the taker’s day or even life.

I work in a grocery store. I love my work so far very much except for one thing, the amount of discarded item per day. This is probably something that unavoidable. Because they are doing business here, which means customer satisfaction is always the number one priority. Please take a moment and image yourself grocery shopping. You are looking for a can of lunch meat. There are two cans of lunch meat right in front of you, one is in perfect shape and the other has dents on it. Which one would you pick? I believe the answer jumps right out of your head, the perfect one. It is not our fault. It is no one fault. It is just common sense. Who would want something imperfect when there is a perfect one right next to you? It is not impossible. Though, I doubt there will be someone. So what is the destiny of that dented can of lunch meat? TRASH. As shameful as it sounds, it is what happens to it. Fortunately, the company is kind enough to donate these durable damaged item. Even so, the amount of item a store throws out could literally feed a whole district. This is why this little pantry is so heart-warming. It inspires someone like me who see ate-able stuffs toss away everyday. I wish I have one of these in my community too, to spread our loves.


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