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School Started!

Woo~ah! Finally, school started. It’s Tuesday. Though, the actually school starting date is Monday. I was not skipping classes. My first class was just started on Tuesday. Everything was going so far so good. I just had my first class of the day, Intro to Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I had a good start of the class. At least, I met some of my class mates already, which was usually not happening.

Perhaps it was because of my personality, I tended to not talk to the person sat next to me. And I had always okay with that. I did not feel the need to do so, especially I was in a lecture session of the class. All we were doing was simply listening to the teacher. Everyone was busy to take their notes. I had one semester I did not talk to the person next to me for the whole semester. I did not even know his name. I was not proud of it, neither shame on it. It could also be the cause of the class atmosphere. It could be depressing, or boring sometimes. Though, once in awhile, I was amazed when I saw someone talking with another in the classroom, like they knew each other for ages.

Ten minutes later, it is my wine appreciation class. It could turn into a useful skill in real world. So yeah, I am ready. See you all later.


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