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How We Get Involved Into Something

For those who have been followed my blog, you may already know how excited I am on this class. I mentioned it couple of times in the previous posts. Here is my first impression of the class.

It called the wine appreciation. Therefore, I already knew there might be some drinking, yet, not excessively. However, I expected at least we will take a sip at the first class. I didn’t mean to speak like an alcoholic. I just wanted to try something new, something that I wouldn’t try outside of class. I do not even try beer in daily life.

Sure enough, we couldn’t. We required to provide a proof of age in order to have our first sip. Because of this, the teacher came up a different activity. He passed out four paper cups, with a piece of cotton inside. He then dropped a drop of varies essence oil on the cotton and let us guess what it was. It was a entertaining practice. I still tried my first when guessing it correctly was not the point of the whole practice. What he tried to point out was that, the sense of smell is different from one another, which affects how we choose our favorite wine.

I had to say I was a bit rushy. It called as an appreciation class for a reason, to appreciation. To do that, we learned a bit of the history of wine, such as where it started, when was its rapid development period, etc.. We roughly learned about the process of how wine made. Actually, we preferred to call it how to grow instead of how to make. Because grapes are essential to the whole process. It’s why wine tastes different every year depend on how it grows in certain weather, temperature, humidity, etc. While geographical factors matter to the production, he did not emphasize it at the first class. Instead, he convinced us to forget it just now with an example of baseball involvement. He gave an example that, there was always someone of our friends who knows many things about a baseball team. That person would always show off his “expertise” while ironically, that was the less important thing of a baseball game. What matters in the game were beer and friends, the social. These kind of expertise knowledge would not help to get people involved into the game, instead, pushing them away. Same thing applied to wine. We loved something and wanted to be involved in something because we like it, we enjoy the process, not the knowledge we have. It would only create boredom when we started a new interest. I found this logic/reason very convincing, and very much to encourage every one to do the same when they want to try something new. We like it because we like it!




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