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Routine of Class

It has been a week from the first day of class. After being three years of college student, I find something interesting about every class. And by interesting, I also mean kinda it is somewhat annoying.

A lots of time, whenever we are having a new class, we will notice that the materials of the course in the first few classes are the same. For instance, my major is psychology. Every psychology class I had starts with a question, “what is psychology?” I understand it helps us to refresh our memory. But seriously, do we need to go over this every single time? This is the most stupid starting topic ever. I do not mean to be a smart ass. Well, I am, kind of. Simple question like this is just not worth to mention. However, starting question regarding research methodology is really helpful and useful. Those questions are more practice of what we do. It is what we do. Some of us don’t even have once lab experience yet. Without a hands-on practice, it is hard to memorize and understand its meaning and purpose.

In the past few days, I was so stressed out. I thought I had a project to turn in today while it is not. It is a product comparison project from my wine appreciation class. Since we have not provide our proof of age yet, the teacher wants us to compare non-wine products on the market, as a warm up of the following classes. In the project, we have to write two separate reviews. He gives us five category of drinks to write about. I choose soft drink and peach tea. In the review, I have to compare the differences between different packaging choice of the same drink, as well as its taste, aroma, carbonation, price, label, and the effect of serving it in a glass with/without ice.

The project itself is not difficult. What I have to do is to simply record my serving experience of the product, in detail. However, I took two days to work on the soft drink reviews. I just didn’t want to drink so many soft drink in a day. It is super unhealthy for me. After all, every thing is going alright. Since I finish it a week ahead, which rarely happens to me, I have time to ask someone proofread it, make it as free-typo as possible.


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