Love it or Hate it?

I think I am in the group of hate it. I do not really hate it as the evilest thing on the earth. If my parent asks me if I want a pair for my birthday, I will say “no, thank you.” However, in the post, Kapok! Leggings! by lifexperimentblog, it well-explains the characteristics of this new modern leggings.

Personally, I have not worn a pair before, therefore, my only judgement on this all depends the fit-to-body shape it has. Meanwhile, I do not against people who wearing it. In fact, I am kind of jealous people who can handle meggings. Clothing appeals one’s personality and style. To wearing meggings, it takes lots of confidents as well. This is one of those clothing friendly to specific body type, that is if you want to look good on it. First of all, the legs have to be in good shape, slimy possibly. Then, it is better if we have a muscular top body, to contrast with the bottom.

Obviously, I am not the one who confidents of my body shape, not to the extent of wearing this style of clothing. But again, everyone has their right to wear their favorite type of clothing. That was just the ideal type of body shape I could imagine for this clothing. Perhaps it fits other body types that I couldn’t imagine, who knows? After all, I am not fashion expert, nor even close to amateur.



We have to talk about a new trend in menswear that’s actually pretty cool! In a world where menswear shops are full of the mild and conventional muted and neutral colors – with the same basic cuts (you know what I’m talking about) it is a breath of fresh air to see some variety […]

via Kapow! Meggings! — lifexperimentblog


2 thoughts on “Love it or Hate it?

  1. Nice post and thank you for sharing your thoughts on these! I absolutely agree with you that there is an ideal body shape for these meggings. When I’m having a ‘chubby day’, you can bet I won’t be out in my leggings either!
    Have a good evening 🙂

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    1. On the other hand, there are many women wearing leggings that do not match “the ideal body shape” either, and I guess they do it, because they are so freaking comfortable. And who can blame them?

      I am wearing meggings too, and I love it. I am exploring ways how to style them so that at one day in the future, men will be more experimental and courageous with their fashion choices. Regardless if this will be meggings or something different.


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