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On Tuesday, when I walked out of the Starbucks door, I realized something, that I went to Starbucks too often recently. It was because of a drink. Though, this is not a coffee. That is why I did not call myself coffeeholic.


This is it, a green tea frappacino. I love this drink crazily. Although it calls the frappacino, it is not a coffee. I thought it was when I saw it on the menu, but it was not. It was basically a blended drink of green tea matcha powder, some milk, and sugar, with whipped cream. Eventually, it turned out a milk tea-like flavor that I loved when I was living in Hong Kong. The green color caught my eyes too. It looks so fresh and healthy (but it is not) overall.

Before this drink, whenever I go to Sturbucks, I either order the flat white or mocha frappacino, just because I am familiar with this two drinks, and never want to change. Until this semester of school, I want to try something new. At that time, I was kinda excited.  Why am I so excited? It is just Starbuck, a coffee. That is right. However, I have not been to Starbuck since summer started. There are Starbucks close to my house, few miles away. I feel lazy and do not want to drive 5-10 minutes  for a drink. I did not think much about it since I do no see it. Plus, my attention was dragged to my work for most of the time. We all know how it feels. When we separate something apart, hold it on the side, then we will see it as a new stuff when we have it again. It is not new. We just tend to refresh our old time memory. As for now, I drink this drink 3 weeks in a roll. I think I have enough. It is still a good drink for me, but it is costly if I am keep drinking it every day. ALRIGHT MAN, I NEED TO REGAIN SOME CONTROL.


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