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A Bit of Frustration …

I had a bit of frustration today. Had you all feel that everything went wrong especailly when you were in rush of something? That was what I felt this morning. I woke up at 5 in the morning. It was a good start of a day. I got off from bed, drunk a cup of warm water, took a shower, fresh and clean. At 6:30 am, I went out the door and was heading to school.

For some reason, the traffic was insanely heavy today. I was expecting late for class even when I got out of door 2 hours early. But that was still fine. It wouldn’t hurt if I was few minutes late. Because I knew the class usually starts 5 minutes after the scheduled class time. Suddenly, there was a bling-ing sound in my car. When I looked at the panel, GREAT, I had a flat tire. It was not completely flat, though. The proper tire pressure should be around 33-38. It showed 27 of my rear right tire. I really wanted to just ignore it. Because it was still about to run. Nothing serious happened, yet. The “yet” bugged me off. Eventually, I decided to find a gas station and filled it up.

We have to gotta understand that, I was on the highway. And there was a lot of traffic. It took me 15 minutes just to reach to the exit. Fortunately, at least I thought I was, there was a gas station right on the exit. I thought It should take me too long to fill these bad boys up. When I drove close there, I finally got to see the air pumper. I got close until I saw a sign on the machine, “out of service.” YOU HAVE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!! that was the first thing came out of my mouth. I was in rush, and you were playing with me? I had no choice but to find another gas station. 15 minutes later, I filled my tires and was on my way to school. Sometimes, we are just always not prepared enough. What a life.~


5 thoughts on “A Bit of Frustration …

  1. I know the feeling my friend, it happens to all of us. The way that I deal with situations like that is, that I tell myself “shit happens” and then I keep moving. I wish you a better day tomorrow. Good luck my friend.


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