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Think twice~

Another thing I would never ever do it again, or at least give a better thought before I made the decision. About two months ago, I made a decision and bought a new phone. Meanwhile, I joined a plan from T-mobile, the Jump-on-Demand plan. It was a very intrigued plan at that point. According to the plan, I am able to swap my phone three times a year. All I need is to pay a down payment and monthly payment for the new phone. Some of the phones do not even required down payment. Of cause, that is if I am going to sway a older phone. Seriously, who would do that? The targeted customers of this plan are those who want to pursue the trend of fashion, stay on the top of the tech chain.

To be honest, I would not even consider this plan before I wanted to get a new phone. I wanted to get a new phone so bad while want to get the iPhone 7. Unfortunately, it was not released at the that time.  Therefore, I joined the plan and got myself a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I actually wrote a post about it previously. Anyway, my plan was, I could just use the S7 edge while I was waiting for the iPhone 7.

So a week ago, the pre-ordering was finally opened. After two days of the pre-ordering, I got a chance to go to the store and made the pre-order. I was kinda disappointed when the staff told me the earliest I would get the phone is November. That gave me a hard time. Because I did not want to wait it for so long. I started to think about what my alternatives were. I figured to buy it directly from apple store. Although I have to pay much more each months, yet, in return, I will have an unlocked phone and it shipped faster according to the website. I was thrilled.

All the sudden, another facts pushed me into valley. If I want to return the S7 edge and cancel the contract, I have to pay off the S7 edge, a phone I do not want. I was pissed. Certainly, it was all my fault. I should have asked about the cancellation policy before I signed on the paper. Though, I did not see this decision coming as well. That was the main cause of this mistake. Eventually, I had to make that pre-order through T-mobile. Otherwise, there will be a big loss.

Till now, I am happy what I get here. The iPhone arrives way earlier than what the staff told me. I guess they just didn’t want any liability, and made promises that they could not fulfill. Regardless, I would still cancel the contract once I paid off my new iPhone. With this plan, I have little to none control on my purchase decision. Sure enough, it is a contract after all. And the purpose of a contract is to restraint a party. Now, I am not saying it is a bad plan. It still is a good plan. It simply is not perfect for me based on my circumstances, desire, and ability.


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