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Houston Critical Mass

Three days ago, I heard something called the Critical Mass. It was a massive bicycle riding event of the month. It held on the last Friday of every month. When I looked it up, I noticed that Houston was not the only city has it. While I am not sure if every city has it, the major city does, such as Dallas, London, New York, Miami, etc.

I could have never able to imagine how big the bicycle community is until I see this. Bicyclists are all over the places. I was so thrill to be a part of it. Unfortunately, I did not have a bike. However, it didn’t stop me. I SKATED, with my cruiser board! I wanted to feel the atmosphere and the event for whatever it takes. Before the day of the event, I actually hesitated, not to be a part of the event, but the method to participate. I actually had two options. I could had either rent a bike through the city bike system, B-cycle, or skate.

After compared the pros and cons, I had some conclusion. First of all, renting costs money. To rent the bike, I need a five dollar initial fee. With that five dollar, I am able to rent a bike in a day for a hour. However, it charges me extra two dollar every half an hour. The event lasts estimably three hours. It means I am paying 9 dollar in total. It is not too much. I simply want to save every penny. Meanwhile, riding my board does not cost money, and I am very comfortable of riding it. It sounds like the best option I have, with no doubt. The only thing holds me back is the fact that I have never ride such a long distance, over 15-17 miles. Then, my consciousness tells me, SCREW IT. I am doing it anyway. Every thing has its first time, and this will be mine.


So, here I am, in the Market Square Park, the gathering point of the event.

The roll out time was 7:30pm. I arrived the location by 6:30pm. There were so many people. As I skated through the streets near the location, I could see people were already setup at restaurant nearby. Hundreds and Thousands of people were there for the same event.

This was the mid-point. We rested here for 20-30 minutes. By this time, my right feet was sore or paralyzed. It supported my weight as I was pushing all the way to here. It got better very quickly tho.

The second part of the trip was the hardest part. I fell couple of times because of the fatigue. I was not able to maintain my balance. I was even lost the crew, left behind somewhere in the downtown, where I was not familiar with. Fortunately, I was not the only one. And I met some new friend, Austin. He skated too, with a longboard. We rode together and found a way back to the final stop. When we finished, we rested and had our dinner together. We had a good time. I was really pleased to meet him.

I had a very good time in this event. I would definitely participate this event again, on October. The October one is going to be special too. It is going to be a Halloween Ride. People wear customer and have fun together. I am so looking forward to it. However, this time I may want to get a real bike. While skating is not too bad, I imagine riding a bike as everybody does will be more fun.



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