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Get Ready for the Next CM

After the last Critical Mass, I was so thrilled and couldn’t hold myself from thinking to get a bike. Therefore, I did some digging, and the results shocked me. I couldn’t never able to know the bicycle industry is so greedy. A brand new branded quality bike could cost above 1000, even up to 8000. That freaked me out. I want to get a bike. But I am not sure if I want to invest such an amount of money into a bike. With a thousand dollar, I can buy a new powerful computer, or a newest version of a smartphone, etc. That is a lot of money. I thought It would only cost around 150-300 dollars. Because that is the price I see in department stores. Yes, I can just buy the ones from department stores. But there are lots of people say bad things about department stores bikes, give me a image that, “DON’T BUY IT OR YOU WILL DIE.” That scared me. That was overstated. Basically, what they said was that, those bikes were usually assembled by someone who only know how to assemble without much mechanic knowledge. Therefore, it is not good for people who want some serious biking.

Although this is my first bike, I don’t want to go too cheap about it. I want something that is cheap while having a good quality, at least safe for me to ride for years or until I know more about bikes and get a new one. Therefore, I am trying to get some help from local biking group in Houston, see if they are selling any with a good deal. I will keep posted in the future.


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