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My New Bike!

It has been a long week. In this week, I have keep searching for a new bike. I checked lots of different websites. And finally, I found a seller online, through Facebook, and bought my first bike. (Well, it is my first in the last seven years.)

At this point, I finally realize how powerful Facebook is, and how it is able to bring people together. Before this purchase, it is just another social media platform for me, where I can stay in touch with my old friends. Therefore, most of the people on my friend list are people I know in real life. For the first time in so many years, this is the first time I make the group and event functions in Facebook useful. I join the bicycle world because of Critical Mass. I love the socializing experience. When I asked for advise on purchasing a bike on the group page, there were lots of people responded, hash tag, share, etc. That was how I met my seller, K.

At first, I set my budget around 150 to 250. That was the amount of money I can afford. In my opinion, it might still be kinda cheap, even for a used bike. Well, I was wrong. K was kind enough and discussed with me. We discussed from the type of bike I want to my size, basically every detail of my needs.

This was the first bike he suggested or offered, for $160. That already is a good price for me. 14060001_10206032237519851_1036550334_o.jpg

Unfortunately, it was not a bike for me. It was not because of the price or the look, but my size. I am too small for this bike. Because of my height, I need a small to medium bike. I had to move on.

This was the second bike, yet, the one I bought eventually.


My first impression was, where is the seat? He then explained he had been customized this bike, changed few parts.

This was supposed the original look of the bike.


To be honest, I don’t know much about bikes, especially in terms of brand and the spec. I was pretty certain that he found this picture online, which is understandable based on the modification he made on the bike. However, whether if it is a fuji bike or not, it is worth it for the price he offered, $140. It was not bad. As you may know, I expected a higher price before I made the decision of buying a bike.

So now, I am taking this bad boy home and be Critical Mass ready!




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