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I Am One Year Older…. Again

Do you get excited about your own birthday? Although we should enjoy our birthday, embrace our growth, that is not always the case for me. Well, that is before this year’s birthday. From the previous twenty two birthdays, it does not mean much for me. Don’t get me wrong. It is great to have someone celebrate my birth. And there is always someone. However, when the days come, I feel nothing. What happen very often is that, I do not realize I am one year older until the next birthday, which is after a year.

Since the year I have my memory or I remember my memory, I notice it is quite routine, especially the days I was living in my Hometown. I could not blame anyone nor intend to. It was simply because I was too young to have a life style. Every day from 6 am, I wake up; I get out of the door by 7:30, arrive the school by 8, spend my day, and go back home. I indeed learned things in school and have friends (not many though). It was not completely  meaningless, but did not get my life very excited as well. It is a bit of different today. The idea of birthday is stronger after I go to college and have a job. The productivity and the sense of growing up make my birthday more meaningful, as the way it supposes to be.

This year, I get couples of presents, a temperature-control coffee cup and a bike decoration fund. Both are very useful. The coffee cup helps me to start my morning, especially I do not sleep as much after I get into college. Also, in my opinion, the bike decoration fun is my favorite. Although I told my mom about this bike repaint job two days ago, I really didn’t see it coming. And I liked it, a lot. What is not to love with a stack of cash? Within this amount of money, I can do whatever I want. Many plans or ideas I had can resume again, because I have more money to express my creativity now. What’d I say? The reality is real. Cash is essential. Anyway, this birthday may be the one I love the most in the recent five years. It is meaningful and full of surprise.

By the way, this is my birthday cake for this year. 😀 love it



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