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A Whole New Year

It has been a year again. 2016 passed away, and is welcoming 2017. Life went as normal as usual, which was good. I had to say there were not much changes in 2016.

Family-wise, I had moved to this house for two years already. I moved in at the new year of 2015, exact same day as today. There were no one gets hurt or something. I could not believe time goes so fast. Looking to the past, the average housing time of each home was two years. But I have a feeling that the two year curse will stop here. Hopefully, we are going to stay at this home for at least five years. I don’t expect we stay here for a life time as somebody does. It is really impractically. Five years is a decent number of year for me. I just get too tired of moving. I am 23 years, however, I have already moved over 10 times over 23 years. Although every moves was not a country to country move, it was exhausted enough and trouble enough to get used to a new environment. Therefore, BEST WISH FOR THE YEAR OF 2017./

Work-wise, there was quite a big change. However, till this day, I am not sure if that is a good one or a bad one. I have been working the company for close to two years. At first, I was only going to stay there for an year and get some society experience. Then, on August, because of some human resource changes, the position of assistant department head was happened to available and the company was kind enough to offer me. I accepted it. Yet, some co-workers who have been working in that company for years said that, it was good to think about it, due to the reputation of how they treat their employee. I took the job anyway, just because of the title and the experience, which might help me in the future job hunting. Here is what sucks. I still doing ADH works with no pay-raise. They said they are going to certify me and rise my pay. But nothing happened yet. Although I understand it may be too much to ask when I am still new to this, I have to show them what I made of first, right? Still, I feel bad when they have not given me what I want after 4 months. I am not sure when it will happen. All I know is that I am very close. Hopefully, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE JUST FINE in 2017./

Personal-wise, I like these changes the most. As the year is finishing, I somehow got into the cycling community. It was the best thing I ever did in this year or previous year (2016). I remembered I started to play computer and video games at the age of 11. I was so obsessed about it. The first thing I did when I was home after school was to turn on the computer and play. Nothing else. When it was the final exam day, I lied to my parents and went to those net bar and play games with strangers. I was surrounded people who smoke at the place. Even after I moved to the USA, I was still the same, gaming after school, every day. After all these years, I kinda noticed that, I am not really good at it. There is no doubt that I like it. Well, that may be understated. I love it !!! Otherwise, I would not live like that for over 10 years. For the past year, I finally got bored about it. I want something different. That was why I started to learn skateboarding. It was a good sport, full of excitement, too much of the excitement. I was not dare to do tricks and only want to push and skate. This hobby helped me passed through couple of months. Until the last Friday of September. It was the day of Houston Critical Mass, a massive bicycle event happen in Houston every last Friday of the month. I was there, to skate. Because I had trouble to find a decent place that was flat and safe enough to skate long distance. I went there and skated with the people riding bicycle. It was fun. I skated all the way from the starting point to ending point, 13-15 miles in total. However, that was it. I did not want to do it no more. Especially it was enough to catch up with bikes. A week later, I bought myself a used bike from Kenny. As I got to know him, I was introduced to the biking community and had been riding since. As now, I go to ride my bike whenever I have time, instead of sitting in front of the computer all day. I really am glad I have such a change. At least, it tells me that I have more than a piece of machine in my spare time. Though, I am still playing game, just not as much. After all, I am playing it for half of my life. It is like an addiction.

I started this blog on June, 2016. In 2017, I wish this place is still a place for me to express myself, especially for a special day like today. Lastly, HAPPY NEW YEAR for everyone had chance to stop by here and share the bit of the life with me.

2017, PEACE!!


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