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Speed isn’t Everything

Whenever I am biking, alone or with group, I like to speed, with cautious of cause. Well~ as much as I can. When I am biking alone, because there is no one riding with me. I feel boring, so I speed, pushing my own limit. By doing that, I am able to cleanse my mind. Time goes very fast this way, and I get the exercise I needed.

Today, somehow, I decide to slow down just because it feels like a relaxing day for me, from the moment I woke up from bed. I woke up around 6:15am. This is very late compared to the time I usually do, 5:30am. I felt like I am ready for the day, mostly because I woke up naturally instead of having an alarm morning call. I took my time to have my breakfast, change my cloth, gently fix my hair, pack up my lunch box and school bag. You may think I was ready to go. Nope! Not yet! I went back to my desk and spent 15 minutes to check my email. I did everything until it is too late, 7pm.


(This is my favorite.)

In general, I tend to be sleepy after lunch. Therefore, I usually spend half an hour before class to take a nap. Instead, I suddenly have an urge to cruise around the campus on bike. I have my earphones on, playing country musics, and simply enjoy the ride under the sun. This is probably the slowest ride I have. But that is okay. In fact, that was the point of it, riding slowly and observe my surrounding, things that I tend to skim through very quickly because I ride too fast. On this journey, I notice some of the beautiful landscapes the campus has to offer, a living scene of college life. Sometimes, we just have to slow down. I learn that I can still have fun without speeding.







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