Who Am I?

Hi all. My name is Eric. I am currently a college student majoring in Psychology, a fascinating subject discovers the human mind. I moved to Houston, Texas from Hong Kong when I was in 10th grade. However, moving to U.S. had never been my goal or intention. Because of family issue, there was a chance to let me choose to either stay in Hong Kong, or move to U.S.. I was not quite excited about moving to a foreign country. There were many people talked me through and encourage me to move to here. Eventually, I made my decision, followed my sister and family, and took my first step on U.S. soil.


My Goal:

Since I am here, Why not take the advantage of it? Although I have worked to improve my English since I was in elementary school, it’s never been good. I was just an average student in English class when I was still at Hong Kong. As today, I hope I can have a more significant improvement of my writing skill by blogging. In this blog, I will share events of my life, thoughts on book, and basically everything that comes to my find. I also hope I can find someone shares common interest and support each other’s blogging progress. Therefore, everybody is welcome to visit and comment. PEACE 😀